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*** If you’re looking for a motivational speaker, performances or workshops, Ed Chevy takes timeless virtues and present what is educational and what is entertaining. You can see this positive energy in the genuine joy with which he focus on interconnection outside and inside, grapple with what it means to be a storyteller, and performer.

“LIFTING ASL TO A LIVING ART” – 45 minutes show captivating powerful theater experience with rock music, story and audience participants. the show nourishes the soul. Very uplifting energy and experience Ed Chevy’s true difference.

Requirements: Two (2) 15-inch bass speakers and CD player
Fee: $500

ASL RHYTHM: Rhythm is such a big part of element. There is a rhythm of life and timing is everything. In fact, There is an inner-rhythm in us all. The activities will show how to make rhythm accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, exploring their multi-sensory embodiments of their own.

Fee: $300

ASL STORYTELLING: Everyone likes a good story. Storytelling has always been around at the heart of the Deaf culture. The richness of Deaf experience comes to life when they learn to express their stories from their peers and social interacting.

Fee: $300