Who is Ed Chevy?

The Wonderful Diversity of Storytelling, Rhythm and Humor that defines Ed Chevy

Ed Chevy, a quintessential performer and entertainer is the subject of Beethoven’s Nightmare and The Man From A.S.L. He tells renowned sense of story with arrangement reminiscent of his day in the lives of his Deaf theater family, his own family, the Deaf club, Deaf school, Deaf college, his friends, his job as an auto technician, the Deaf rock band and as an American Deaf citizen in this 21st century.

Ed Chevy from Oakland, California, had a remarkable and illustrious career that spanned 50 years. His childhood rearing in a prolific Deaf theater family prepared him well for education and entertainment life. His mom was the first flamenco Deaf dancer under Bob Hope USO War Bond during World War Two. His dad was a talented artist, a pioneer with the National Theater of the Deaf and a World War One combat aircraft fighter restorer. Chevy’s influence from the family was immeasurable. He was part of the first Deaf rock band in history and he co-founded Beethoven’s Nightmare as a bassist and composer. He was the founder of the first rock and rock Deaf signing troupe, Burning Rubber at Gallaudet College, now University. He also was the co-founder of the Musign Theater Company with his sister, Rita Corey and bandmate, Bob Hiltermann. When he moved to Hawaii, he co-founded The Hawaii Sign Wave Players, originated Listen to Silence Showcase, established first performing theater club at the Hawaii School for the Deaf, created ASL Cafe and the prime mover behind the Hawaii Sign Language Festival. He was the recipient of numerous top achievement awards and honors from the State of Hawaii and from the Office of the Mayor for his deeds, diversities and contributions to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Chevy is very driven and very ambitious, still remain active with the Ohana ASL, Shared Reading Project and Family Learning Vacation as an instructor, tutor, motivator, and mentor to hearing families with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children in the Pacific Rim.

Virtuoso performer Ed Chevy is always seeking new ways to develop his artistry. For this reason, he is delighted to present “Lifting ASL to a Living Art” performance, ASL Rhythm and ASL Storytelling workshops. Both workshops allow participants opportunities to challenge rhythm and storytelling concepts with everyday examples.

Comments from the Chevy man who can: I encourage students, families and friends to appreciate our language, our culture and our community with love, support and respect.

Starring Ed Chevy